Other Collaborators

David Rose is a graduate student in the Department of Philosophy at Rutgers University. RoseHe has published on a number of topics and is currently focused on issues at the intersection of cognitive science and epistemology and on issues at the intersection of cognitive science and metaphysics.  For the former he has worked on the nature of belief in folk psychology and the connection between knowledge and belief in folk psychology.  For the latter, he has worked on the folk view of causation, composition and persistence and has explored how findings in cognitive science might help to debunk certain aspects of folk metaphysics.  Some of this work has appeared in The Australasian Journal of Philosophy, The Journal of Philosophy, Philosophical Studies, Noûs and Synthese.  He is also currently editing a volume on experimental metaphysics.


Representative Publications:
Rose. D. (Forthcoming). Folk mereology is teleological. Nous. (with Jonathan Schaffer)

Rose. D. (2015). Belief through thick and thin. Nous, 49, 748-775. (with Wesley Buckwalter and John Turri)

Rose. D. (2011).Causation, norm violation and culpable control. Journal of      Philosophy, 108, 670-696. (with Mark Alicke and Dori Bloom)